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Mobile Website

Mobile Website


If you have an online shopping site or virtually any type of website business, you could be missing out on a sizable amount of business if you haven't created a website that is accessible to mobile internet users. More and more consumers are using their mobile devices to access the internet to do shopping while they are on the go. According to experts, in five years mobile web browsing will surpass desktop and laptop browsing.

If you only have a regular website designed for PC use, your business could be losing out on a huge crowd of potential customers - 546 million to be exact. Because regular websites are designed for viewing on large PC screens, these sites are often either poorly displayed or not displayed at all on the small screens of mobile phones and wireless devices. If a consumer can't access your information or is frustrated in the process, guess what - you just lost potential business.

Utilizing innovative mobile marketing techniques and bespoke mobile web development Doyen Solutions helps you create value on the fourth screen.

With Doyen Solutions you can create eye-catching catalogs of your latest line of products or services, broadcast your latest sale or promotional activity, announce product discounts using the messaging tool, obtain customer feedback through the comments and polling tools, create order forms making it easy for your customers to buy your products while on the go and more.

The Web. Anywhere. Anytime.

The Mobile Web is the Internet as accessed from Cell Phones, Smartphones and PDAs. No need for a laptop or desktop computer.
About Mobile Websites

A mobile website is a special Web site that

  • Works on any kind of mobile device, connected to any mobile operator
  • Detects the phone you are using
  • Builds the pages to fit your device
  • Is fast and easy to use
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