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Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications


Mobile applications are a popular and effective approach to engaging customers who possess smartphones. The iPhone, Google Android-based devices such as Motorola's Droid, and RIM's Blackberry are among the more common platforms for such applications. Doyen Solutions has demonstrated expertise creating highly engaging mobile applications for a variety of businesses, but have particular depth in helping online information and services companies translate their business to the mobile channel.

Doyen Solutions is dedicated to assisting both global business and small to medium users in developing high quality applications. We build what you need and what you want, as well as deliver it on time and in budget. Fast and cost effective service are our hallmark; we are the company you should turn to when you are looking for a partner in developing new ways to operate, and new ways to get things done.

 Platforms we support and develop for

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Blackberry
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Symbian

Services Provided For Both Business and Personal Development

Mobile App Research

  • Find out if your idea exists today and what steps you should take before you develop an App, as well as what platform you might want to develop on.

Application Consulting for Business and Personal

  • Doyen Solutions first seeks to understand the functions of your business, and then will make recommendations as to the Apps your company should use or develop to become more effective.
  • Doyen Solutions consults on the steps your company should take before any investment is made in App development, to make certain your proposed App is a solid idea from both a business and legal perspective.

Website design and integration

  • Here at Doyen Solutions we have many experienced web designers and database programmers able to cover a broad range of topics. Our team will review your existing Website and report back to you on what content we can use in a mobile environment, as well as what needs to change to make your venture more productive.

Mobile Usability Testing

  • Not many firms offer the service of making sure the Apps you build are optimized, so that the user is getting the best experience. Here at Doyen Solutions we offer a service to run real world tests to see how users interact with your idea before development even starts. This service can save you an enormous amount of time and money in marketing and development, and prevent your company from pursuing a direction that is not in alignment with what the users wants.

Mobile Marketing

  • With the amount of Apps developed and submitted each day, your creation could easily get lost in the crowd. Doyen Solutions will help you place your App and get noticed. We will build you an App marketing plan and then put that plan into action, ensuring your Applications get exposure.


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